.hack Official Strategy Guide

.hack Official Strategy Guide

.hack Official Strategy Guide

Doug Walsh

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Product Description

A Game About A Game Calls for a Top-Notch Strategy Guide!

  • BradyGames .hack Official Strategy Guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough to guide players through the virtual MMORPG, "The World".
  • Unstoppable boss strategy to topple every enemy.
  • All-inclusive bestiary, area maps, and weapon coverage.
  • Game secrets revealed!

.hack, pronounced "dot hack", is the first installment in the unique, new .hack RPG series for the PS2. The game will ship combined with an Original Video Animation feature, which helps flesh out the storyline. Essentially, .hack is a game about a game. Players assume the role of Kite, a boy who is playing a massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG) called "The World". The story takes place in the year 2007, where over 20 million people are playing The World. Suddenly, the structure of the game is changed, inhibiting players from making progress with their characters. While problems with the game are occurring, an unknown monster attacks Kite and his friend Orca. The attack leaves Orca comatose in the real world. Kite decides to use his data-draining ability to modify The Worlds glitches, and hopefully, revive his friend. Players will embark on an innovative quest that will require them to rely on help from other characters to solve the games mystery and save The World. Not Final Cover.

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Customer Reviews

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Sometimes You Are Better Off on Your Own, April 9, 2003
Marc Ruby "The Noh Hare" (Warren, MI USA)
.Hack - Infection is not a complicated game. Despite all the marketing hype is a basic hack-and-slash, run dungeons until you drop mentality. The plot of the game is minimalistic (although the plots of the associated DVD and the TV series are exactly the opposite). So it is only fair for you to ask why I decided to pick up the strategy guide. Well, there was this embarrassing thing about equipment manipulation I was slow to figure out, and maps of the dungeons are always comforting.
My early warning that all was not right was when I still had to figure out my problem myself. In fact, this guide says very little about the fine points of operating the game and the characters. Almost as little as the game itself. And, since there is nothing complicated about the way the dungeons are constructed the maps are only good for making sure I hadn't missed any important treasures. I admit that the narrative as told in the book is considerably more extensive than in the game.

Perfect help., February 18, 2003
T. Korsunsky "yuirain" (USA)
I purchased this guide together with the game, and I dont know what I would do without it. Its perfect! I didnt complete the game yet, but Im got through half of it. And not once yet did i have to go on the internet to get extra information.
It has in it all of the info for sidequests, like how to raise the perfect grunty. Also, it tells you when the major boss is coming, and if there is only 1 way to defeat that boss - you can refer to the guide.
You dont have to waste your money to buy Fairy orbs for dungeons (things that open a dungeon map for you), because you can just follow the guide.
I rarely buy guides for video game but I think this one is worth it.

good, but missing some key info, March 27, 2005
S. yan
This guide isn't bad but it is missing some key info.

1. Left out some item location. a few item locations were left out. While they are not that important, that shouldnt happen at all.

2. Did not provide repsond for each character. Through out the game you can email you party member to gain GP. The proper respond allows you to gain extra points.

3. Did not cover enough on the very important Monsieur and Grandpa sidequest.

Other than that the guide has everything you would need about this game.

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